In Memory of Childhood Imagination – Publication

Moth – Design & Death

Collaborative, Publication Design, Photography, Art Direction


“Moth is a research project, which through the discipline of Graphic Design, helps with the unhiding of death. It aims to facilitate problem solving by making ‘tools’ to encourage dialogue about mortality, helping us to find perspective and turning death from something we fear into something we might learn from.”

Project Background

Food and feasting is important at every event and milestone in life, preparing food and the act of sitting and eating together can help to heal, resolve, share and shape experience.


Collaboratively, explore a ‘loss’ and consider how to celebrate/lament the passing of this in the context of food and funeral feasting. Communicate this in the form of a publication. 


A publication which celebrates the enchanted worlds we knew as children, but have forgotten as adults. Growing up, we lose our sense of wonder. There are fewer new things to try, and more rules to follow. Our interest in food and creativity lessens. Food becomes fuel and expected etiquette dulls the once-exciting experience of eating. Certain food groups shouldn’t be mixed. Savoury before sweet. Use your cutlery, not your hands.

We forget how to play, enjoy, and imagine.

The publication provides a ‘recipe’ for adults to reignite their childhood imagination through food. However, the recipe has no method, and a range of ingredients, with endless possibility. 

Through telling stories of our own childhood ‘enchanted worlds’, the publication aims to inspire adults to look back on their own childhood imaginations.