Epitaph - The Tooth Fairy

MOTH: An Extra Place at the Table

Project Background

“There are multiple deaths of different parts of our body and mind: death of our physical abilites and appearance, death of our various mental capacities. There is reproductive death, social death, and psychological death. There is the death of desire, there is the death of memory, there is the death of the will to live. All these things fade away at different ages, at different rates and to different extents. Death is no longer a unified event. It is shattered into multiple uncoordinated processes.

Guy Brown, ‘The Living End’ 


Create an epitaph using type and/or image, to celebrate or lament the loss of 'something' in your life.


The tooth fairy was more than just a story to me, she was an imaginary friend, a pathway into another magical world, where my childhood imagination could come alive. Therefore the bright, paper flowers that I created & photographed in mundane spaces and corners of the world represent the fabricated stories I created from a simple concept like the tooth fairy. As children we would be curious to these colourful creations, and see them as real, yet as adults we have lost much of this curiosity.

The idea of the flowers celebrate my own tooth fairy, named ‘Petronella’ - whom I would craft my own vision of as a child from petals and thread. The blue iris symbolises faith and hope, the dandelion a symbol of wishing, and the yellow rose of friendship and optimism.