Memory Lane
Fortnum & Mason

Packaging, Branding, Photography 


With the brand Fortnum & Mason, create a packaging concept that responds to the headline, ‘Let’s resolve to reconnect’.


Reminiscing on happy times has been proven to strengthen relationships and counter loneliness. A cup of tea can be a social event: providing the opportunity to reach out to someone you might have lost touch with, and take a trip down ‘Memory Lane’ together.

The packaging concept is based on the design of vintage tickets and ephemera – with copy that communicates the aim to bring people together, and take them on a journey through their past. Rather than focusing on the type or flavour of tea, the design is based on the way that you interact with the product.

Each tea bag sachet contains two tea bags which are attached through a perforated tag. Each tag asks a question in order to start the conversation and encourage two people to discuss positive memories.

The inside of the box contains a QR code which can be scanned to create a personal ‘ticket’ to send to a friend, offering a way to reconnect. This also emphasises the idea of tea as a social event, as opposed to just a quick cup of tea with little meaningful connection.